Journalism Wednesday – November 29, 2017

The core idea of Journalism Wednesday is simple: Let’s pay for the journalism we read.

Every year on the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, it is Journalism Wednesday. In recent years, the days after Thanksgiving have expanded from the ubiquitous Black Friday to Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. Wednesday was being left out – and we had a good idea for what it could be.

Journalism Wednesday is an ideal time for people to buy subscriptions to newspapers, magazine, or online sites as holiday gifts – for others or for themselves. It also fits in well with Giving Tuesday, as many journalistic outlets are nonprofits who are especially in need of support.

Our goals are modest. The first Journalism Wednesday in 2016 was little more than a Facebook event. 2017 will be much the same, but this time we want a much larger event, and we hope to get some media outlets to pick up on the idea. We’d like to see it go viral, with thousands of people purchasing subscriptions, donating to journalistic nonprofits, and otherwise supporting journalism by paying for what they read (or hear, or watch). When people do so, the hope is that they will share their purchase via social media and try and trend up #JournalismWednesday to get others on board.

Join us on November 29 for Journalism Wednesday, and make sure your friends do too!